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March 12 2018

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Learn About an Alternative to Lipsuction

Many areas of the body can be treated to remove fat. Sometimes, these areas hold onto stubborn fat, making it difficult to remove. The stomach, thighs, and under the chin can all hold fat. Unfortunately, this fat does not always respond to diet and exercise. Instead of going through an invasive procedure with liposuction, it is wise for individuals to consider Vanquish. This laser treatment destroys fat cells, so they are never able to regrow again.

What Is the Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment?

For those who are wanting to get rid of stubborn fat without going under the knife, there is Vanquish. This laser treatment system is offered at the Mrockland Clinic. Treatment with this laser helps to heat up the fat cells in the targeted area. The fat cells are heated up to 120 degrees, which effectively destroys the fat cells but does not cause any harm to the surrounding skin or other tissues.

Unlike with liposuction, the Vanquish machine is suspended above the patient's body, so it never comes into direct contact with the skin. This is imperative for protecting the skin and other tissues and keeping the patient comfortable during the treatment.

For the best results, it is recommended patients undergo one thirty-minute treatment a week for four weeks. After this four-week treatment process, most individuals can expect to lose one to three inches from the treated area.

What Can Patients Expect After Treatment?

Most people do not experience any significant adverse side-effects from treatment with the laser. There is no downtime after treatment because the skin redness and warmth felt by the patient fades quickly. For the best results, patients need to make sure they are drinking ample amounts of water throughout their treatment so the destroyed fat cells can be adequately flushed from the body.

Although Vanquish should not be used as a means of weight loss, this treatment is effective in reducing spots that contain stubborn fat that is not correctly responding to diet and exercise efforts. Results are most evident after a few weeks of treatment.

If you would like to discover if you are a good candidate for Vanquish laser treatment, contact Mrockland today. They will be happy to schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn more about the treatment and how it can benefit your appearance. Allow them to help you get rid of stubborn flab so you can regain your confidence.
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